Mark Thompson


I make my home in Seattle, WA where I enjoy working in the Seattle-area software industry; most recently at Medio Systems Inc.  Seattle is a beautiful place to live; the perfect combination of mountains, ocean, culture, music, coffee, and just a little rain!

Before moving to Seattle, I worked as a scientist and scientific software developer in the theoretical and computational chemistry field.  My research interests included photosynthesis, molecular recognition, and the development of molecular simulation methods that combine quantum mechanics with classical mechanics. 

Some years ago, I authored the ArgusLab molecular modeling program currently used by scientists and students worldwide. As a Research Scientist for the Department of Energy at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, I developed new algorithms for modeling solvent effects by combining quantum mechanics with classical mechanics.  These methods were used to simulate molecules that bind radionuclides from complex waste.  I also developed algorithms for automating the design of molecules with targeted properties, useful for drug design.

I have spent ~20 years in the scientific and business software fields developing computer codes to solve challenging scientific and industrial problems in computational chemistry, drug modeling, scientific visualization, and enterprise business software systems.